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A POSM HA Inquiry at Nature's Pace

Thank you for your inquiry into the POSM Horse TM  here at Nature's Pace. We are indebted to the good folks at Nature's Pace for providing a website for those trying to achieve the goals of stewardship of the earth.  The original old type Morgan horse definitely fits that picture.  He is small enough and gentle enough to be easily handled by men, women and children.  He is intelligent, willing to learn and to please far beyond the common breeds.  He is powerful enough; of sufficient frame to be durable and is full of stamina.  He has the assets of a small horse with great heart that manifests him with the power and substance of much larger horses.

 The POSM Horse is an ancient and rare animal.  Associates of A POSM HA (American POSM Horse Association) are a dedicated few individuals who seek to preserve by breeding this God gifted animal for primary work on: small family farms, family ranches, homesteads, in the woods and on the roads.  Primary work is those responsible endeavors that derive a living from the soil and its directly related activities (animal horse power for: plowing, cultipacking, manuring, planting, tilling, etc., harvesting; haying; skidding for fire wood, lumber; motive transport of: goods, livestock and people by wagon, cart, buggy; horseback, in ranching by driving, roping, separating cattle, etc.;  providing replacements to continue the primary work and promote same; manure to fertilize the soil, and all other endeavors directly associated with earning a living from the soil).  Though we do not all make our living from such lofty goals, we are agreed that is our type and purpose of the POSM Horse TM.

We use the POSM Horse Registry as a tool to perpetuate the very best POSMs we can breed.  As strange as it sounds in today's time of plenty and leisure, this association is about giving something back.  It is about Small is enough.  The POSM is enough.  After getting POSMs into shape, three POSMs can do the work of 2 one-ton horses and eat less.  They are perfect for the small land holder who just wants a chance to feed, house and transport his family, goods and products as God's new nature's pace directs some to the hard, honest sweat of work on one's own place.  They provide replacements (Cross breeding is not done nor supported by our association.  They do not preserve pure POSM type and they nor geldings have any place in a preservation effort.), manure(for fertilization of our fields). Many POSMs live into their 20-30+ years of age with good care.

We seek to involve children too.  They are the future of the POSM Horse.  If they get to know them, they will love them too.

Unlike other breeds, the POSM Horse TM will not be sold as a POSM Horse TM by an associate of A POSM HA just because a buyer can afford one.  Some of our associates were already involved with the American Morgan Horse Association. Lippitt Club, etc. before learning about the Preservation efforts of the Old Style Morgan Horse. Their animals that meet POSM Horse Registry certification for POSM type can be registered as POSMs; thus adding to their animal's list of accomplishments from other activities - other than primary work (i.e.,  beauty [shows], competitive ability [(endurance or sport], pleasure [quiet family use]).  These POSMs add a very vital component in our preservation of the POSM Horse because of their type.

We seek to have everyone of our associates who get POSMs to agree to breed 2 POSMs for every POSM they have.  If there is no breeding, we lose POSMs.  One breeding and we have a stalemate.  Two breedings and we increase POSM numbers and thus fullfill our purpose to preserve POSMs.  A POSM HA is not about leisure, show or competition.  These endeavors are amply covered by other registries and associations.  Our associates sell to like minded folks who will give POSMs good homes.  A good home?  Where you care more for the comfort, good health, safety, and well being of your equine partner than you do about fun or prestige.  Your equine partner in return gives you honest work.  It is a good service to do something just because it is right.  POSMs are proven to do primary work for generations (200+ years).  The original old type Morgan horse became cherished and beloved when horses were a necessity for survival.  They were not replaced because they were not the best horses, but because they were not cars.  By selecting the best of the past, working responsibly and humanely in primary work today, we can promote, preserve and perpetuate the best POSMs ever for those who by God's grace will follow us.















To Join Us, please download, print in Landscape mode, fill out and mail our A POSM HA Associate Application  at Nature's Pace or mail a request for an Application for an A POSM HA Associateship, fill it out and return it along with application fee to:  

A POSM HA PO Box 424  Machias, ME 04654-0424


  American POSM Horse Association (A POSM HA)

A POSM HA Associate Application from Nature's Pace

ASSOCIATE APPLICATION - Please fill out all parts.

Purpose: We are a small association to educate our associateship about, to promote, perpetuate and preserve the original old type Morgan horse (the POSM Horse TM ) for responsible* primary work on small family farms, ranches, homesteads, in the woods and on the roads.  We do not, nor do we support cross breeding.  Some members are already involved with AMHA or Lippitts and by joining are extending the scope of their Morgan(s) profile of abilities to include being of POSM TM type qualification and attested bred capable of our *primary work purpose through A POSM HA and POSM Horse Registry(PHR) certification.  This is acceptable associateship.

I. Type of Associateship sought and a little about yourself.

    A.  Please check all spaces that apply and complete all requests for a response:

       1.___ BREEDER ASSOCIATE of the POSM Horse TM: intend to___ or do breed___ the POSM Horse type TM :

                     Small Family Farmer* Breeder___, Rancher* Breeder___, Homestead* Breeder___,

                POSM Breeder for *use on Roads___, POSM Breeder for *use in Woods___,

                 POSM Educator Breeder___, Other *use Breeder__________________________________________

        2.___ ENTHUSIAST ASSOCIATE: do not intend, at this time, to breed or own the POSM Horse.  But, are in 

                 agreement with the goals of the American POSM Horse Association (A POSM HA) and wish to

                 support and be involved in the work to promote, perpetuate and preserve the POSM Horse TM.

           3.___ OTHER ASSOCIATE: want to support by word and deed; the POSM purpose, but cannot

                  do more at this time.

       B.  Please tell us a little about yourself, horse experience (if any), (hoped)*use for any POSM you

            may have (or get).

II.  FEES & LISTING  Your Contact Information for Other A POSM HA Associates:

       A.  FEES:

            ___ Am enclosing a check ___ or Money Order___ or PayPal ___ for  $25.00 to A POSM HA for

                 Associateship: Junior ___,   Individual ____, Family ___.


         We can make Associate names in good standing available to other A POSM HA Associates who might

         want to correspond with another Associate(s).  

         ____ It is OK  to give my name and contact information to fellow A POSM HA Associates. (If OK, must

                 fill out; sign.)    

        Name (s) ______________________________________________________________________

         Signature (s) __________________________________________________________________

III.  BY JOINING A POSM HA , I/We agree to:

follow the rules, promote, perpetuate; preserve by word and deed, the breeding for the stated purpose of the POSM Horse TM as a primary work light draft horse for: the small family farm, ranch, homestead, in the woods and on the road; his type as the POSM Horse TM Type depicted in photos of the American POSM Horse (A POSM HA ) and as defined by the POSM Horse Registry (PHR).

I/We apply for Associateship in the American POSM Horse Association (A POSM HA); do agree to abide by the goals, standards and rules as put forth for the POSM Horse TM to its affiliates: the American POSM Horse Association ( A POSM HA), the POSM Horse Registry (PHR), POSM Horse News (PHN) and other sanctioned bodies of same.

Associate Name(s) PRINT:______________________________________________________________________     

Address ______________________________________________ City/Town____________________________

State ______  Zip _____________          Phone ______-______-___________

E-Mail Address: _____________________________________ FAX ______-______-____________

Website ________________________________________

Associate Signature(s) ________________________________________________________________________

Date _____________________


Congratulations on becoming one of a select few men, women and children dedicated to the preservation of the POSM Horse TM .  Please forward us details of your preparations for your POSMs or what you are doing with your POSMs or for the POSMs.  We will try and keep you informed as to what is happening in the awakening world of the POSM Horse.  Please send photos of you and your POSMs for inclusion in the POSM News.  Also send photos to PHR of any old type Morgan horses you think might be included as an offering to the associateship for sale or to breed.  Keep us informed of events and activities you have planned or participate in with your POSMs.  POSMs need our help to survive.  Please participate.  Otherwise, they will die.   Remember to get a Prepurchase Approval as to POSM Type from the POSM Horse Registry Img7.pngbefore you buy any Morgan or it may not be of POSM Type nor registerable.  Let us each do our part to save the POSMs.  Thank you.

* = only responsible, kind, careful; safe work for POSMs.
















   You can try to reach us at:    

Depending on the time of day we may be out farming.  Give us a try.  Sometimes we are working or out of town.  But, we always reply sooner or later.

or   Snail Mail:


PO Box 424

Machias, ME 04654                                                                          


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