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Wouldn't it be grand if the dollars one spends on everyday items were spent purchasing products directly from small family craft farmers and their supporting neighbors?  You would know by name the craft farmers and woodsmen who grow, make and produce your every day products.  Thus, you cut out the middle man and by direct.  By doing so, you are assured of quality products raised by folks making an honest living from primary work (where income is made directly from working the soil and its associated endeavors).  Thus, you support a way of life that should always exist.  By doing so, you get the best quality products produced by those families who eat and use those same products.  Small family craft farmers and related family businesses are able to make a simple living and be stewards of the earth using natural processes.  Members of our commercial Nature's Pace Market Place are our neighbors and supporting friends.  They agree to provide good, wholesome products in a family, neighborly way.  They seek only to make a simple honest living.  Contact them by clicking their ad below.  If you have any difficulty in reaching them, please let us know here at















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