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About Us at Nature's Pace

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Nature's Pace TM                                                                                                                      

Is an organization formed by Christians, God's elect by God's divine plan and graceNature's Pace Market Place TM ; completed by Jesus Christ the Messiah and sanctification by the Holy Spirit. 


provides tested, top-notch, non-genetically-engineered or Not GMO* (or its synonyms) seed; locally grown food; horse farming help; natural products; neighbors striving for a simple living and our supporting friends that help us live at nature's pace. Join us if you like.


Nature's Pace Neighborhood TMseeks to support and serve you our friends and neighbor's.  Join us.


Our commitment, effort, and desire to be a good neighbor is a result of God's love and grace shown us.  It is our hope these resultant relationships with our customers, friends and neighbors bring us at this site together as a neighborhood of one helping the other by His grace.  We allow neighbors and supporting friends to list here, but we are not responsible for their actions.  If you have any problem you feel we should know about, please let us know after you try to resolve it with the neighbor in question.  We will after your earnest efforts, if unresolved, try and reconsile any problem fairly.  Thank you.

Nature's Pace can be reached by:                                         

 Fax (207) 733-2429 

or  E-mail us at:        Img51.jpg


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