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Grown and protected underground from foreign pollen
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  A  Heritage Seed

  B  Organic Seed

  C   Appropriate Technology

   D  Regional Agriculture

II  Other Desires & Methods

  A   Modern Agriculture

         1 Synthetic Chemical Fertilizers

         2  Modern Mechanization


  C  Modern Civilization

  D  Genetic Engineering

III  Facts

   A  Pollen

   B  Genetic Engineers

   C  Laws

   D  Government

   E  Time

   F  Current Situation

   G  If We Tell

IV Solution

   A  NORAT Certification

     1   Level I

     2   Level II

     3   Level III

 V  On A National Level

 VI  We at Underground Food & Seed, LLC





Heritage Seed was wonderful.  As plant seed savers developed better and better plants, others chose to maintain our base of unchanged plants (open pollinated); passed them down through the years.  We maintained plant purity and each person was able to choose to save seeds or not.  But, there wasn't as much money in it and it was mostly for the purist or those wanting to have a particular flavor, color, texture, storage quality, etc.of vegetable, fruit, flower, etc..

Organic Seed again was a good notion.  Proclaimed by the simple folk as having only the nutrients natural systems provided or the plant needed to support healthy life.  It was not particularly profitable, but it became more and more popular as time went on.  Most folks being concerned about health issues for families, friends, animals, the planet, etc..

Appropriate Technology folks concerned themselves again not with profit primarily.  Issues of what tools and systems in our climate, terrain, ecology, culture would foster good stewardship of resources (Photovoltaics, wind, air, water, animal, human power, etc.), scale (Can we make the tools locally?  Will they meet our local needs?  Can we service the simple equipment we build?  Can we be content with enough?  Is it greed to want more than these things and if it is what or whom are we willing to dispossess to obtain more than is sustainable?), community (Does it build local neighborhoods?), quality of life issues (Does it allow locally a healthy, reasonably efficient wholesome lifestyle for our families and those of our neighbors?), wastes (Is it a reasonable use of the local materials we utilize?  Where do the by products go and can they be used?  Do we just pass our wastes on to others down river or wind from us?), pollution (What can we do to leave where we live as good or better than we found it?), etc..

Regional Agriculture was concerned with markets in an attempt to keep folks on their farms, homesteads, in their communities, neighborhoods, retain friends, lifetime relationships, quality of home, brotherhood, etc..  The dollars earned were spent or traded in the community where they were earned rather than India, China, Mexico, etc..






Other Desires and Methods:

Modern Agriculture is primarily concerned with profit.  Food production is primarily how they make their money.  Profit is not always healthy or harmonious to life or the best interests of stewardship of the planet.

    Synthetic Chemical Fertilizers are primarily concerned with profit.  They offer ease, speed, and maybe increased production in combination with modern mechanization.  They pollute our ground waters, food, air, soil, bodies, life forms, etc..

    Modern Mechanization is the accomplice of modern agriculture.  It rakes in acre after acre of naturally fertile soils with the goal of greater and greater profits for it and its accomplice.  This is at the expense of family relationships (as when families worked together to earn their bread), how neighbor related to neighbor and community resulted and how a nation was strong under God Who gifted it.  The responsible stewards learned ways to take care of the soil and had concern for their neighbor as they had concern for themselves as the Bible directed.  Today soils are monocropped.  They are perceived as being dead and only a substrate to hold up the plants.  Soon our soils without proper management and care are indeed dead.  Ever greater debt to pay for the mechanization as fewer and fewer farmers, family farms, communities, neighborhoods, etc. are needed for agribusiness results.

Banking is concerned only with making a profit.  Today it supports new, bigger, more, etc. because that makes more money and profit.

Modern Civilization today supports the general greed.  Institutions are formed that take our most precious gifts- our children.  Strangers are given titles and control of what our children believe, know, and who they are.  How much for God, your family, your community, your country?

Genetic Engineering accomplishes what generations of all previous efforts didn't.  The sole ownership of the world's food is by genetic engineering now within the multinational corporation' s grasps.  Before, even the affluent could choose to live their life styles separate from the land and still eat pure food (if they chose to seek it out and buy it.).  The poor who saved seed out of monetary necessity saved open pollinated seed because it produced true to its type or kind.  Those seeing where all this was going intellectually saved seed out of conscience and protected their seed from contamination as best they knew how.  Those who just sensed the coming horror; chose to preserve seed to assure their seed purity.  All were allowed to preserve seed and thus pure food for themselves or those who would buy their produce.  Each individual was allowed to live their each separate existence and still be able to have pure God given food.  But, no longer. Why?









Pollen was found in space by test the astronauts have run.  So what?  f it could travel to space, why not to your back yard or mine or the unsuspecting farmer's crop who is raising your "organic", "sustainable", "appropriate technologically", etc. grown food?  Do you really think corridors (no matter how wide) are going to protect our food plants from pollen that can reach space?

Genetic engineers are able to put genes in plants from animals and visa versa.  So what?  No one here knows.  But, why find out?  Outside of being able to detect the gene being there, there is no necessary reason for putting the gene from one species into another (transgenic) except to own the seed.  Since no other plant has a human gene or mouse gene or rat gene in it, their "creations" by law can only be possessed or sold as they approve.  Got a receipt?

Laws have been passed to allow these "monsters" (Frankenstein) plants and animals to be patented.  Therefore, they are owned by the "creator" of these bastards.  So what?  If the pollen from their "plants" crosses by wind, bee, bug, etc. with the blossom of your non-tainted plant, the "creators" can prove you have their plant, seed, etc..  Imagine the legal chicanery to prove you are not guilty of possessing their seed, but they are guilty of contaminating yours!  Can you afford this legal battle?  Got the time?  Check out what is happening in Canada.

Government regardless of party (Democrat or Republican), they all only talk about how much money is to be made; none of the other issues are an issue for them.  Write them, and see what they say.

Time passes and with each season the question becomes more and more moot.  Because as we allow these polluters of our heritage to continue to contaminate our God given food, we lose pure food.

Current Situation is that although laws have been passed to require that our food not be contaminated with chemicals or abnormal genes in order to be labeled "Organic", there are no mechanisms required to test or to prove that what we sell or buy or eat as "organic" is indeed organic or monster gene free.  Organic growers, buyers, sellers have been offered a piece of the pie, if we will keep silent and not divulge this truth.  It's a little like passing a law that no one can die tomorrow.  If it is your time, does the law matter?  No.  Do you think anybody who will die tomorrow thinks they will?  They know they will die someday, but probably not tomorrow.  After all, what can they do about it?  So live, laugh and stay busy because someday we will die.  Does passing a law mean the bee knows if its pollen contains monster genes?

If we tell that there is no requirement to test for "Frankenstein" genes in the "organic" food we sell nor any requirement to label food so tested so you have a choice to buy pure food; therefore, no way to know which is contaminated food and non-contaminated food, nor any way to control contaminated foods spread (except ELIMINATION of all such technology and the severest of penalties for contamination), we tell on ourselves.   "Organic" growers don't test for the purity they say they are selling.  Nor do they protect seed or plants that may be pure from contamination.  Why?  Because it costs a lot and it's not required.  Are you going to pay more for tested, protected food to be free of rat or human tissue in it?  We are not talking about a lone rat that might accidentally fall into our grain storage, etc., but abnormal tissue that is deliberately put into all our food.  Thus, if we tell you "organic" is a hoax, as it is legalized today, it excludes our participation in "organic".  Because, it kills "organic" agriculture and our livelihood.  But, if we don't expose the blackmailers of genetic engineering's illegal activities of promoting and selling "organic" food that is contaminated, we help buy them more time to further contaminate all plants, as monster pollen is carried from their plants to all remaining pure plants.  Why?  Because we have done nothing but grow "organic" food in the same way it has been done for years.  But with the new genetically engineered plants we have no proof  our plants and seed is not contaminated.  Unless, we test it for purity and keep it protected and labeled as tested with lab verification it is pure and eradicate all the "monster" pollen sources that would contaminate future plants and seed.  Do you understand to expose them, exposes us?  Let's bring light to the lie and expose this.  "Organic" is a lie.  GMO* (or its synonyms) are monsters.










Buy certified Not GMO*TM seed and plants, raise your own seed and plants, test for contamination, save pure seed and help others do the same.  How?

Test one leaf from every isolated or protected selected group of 5 plants and label.  Send all such groups of say 25 off for tissue analysis at a lab like STA Labs in Colorado.  If one group of 25 comes back contaminated, you either destroy that group or test each grouping of 5.  Rip out the groups of 5 contaminated and burn them (Not to do so further contaminates the planet and risks possible legal recourse by illegally selling or possessing multinational corporation's patented "monster" GMO* plants or seed.).  When the flower stage comes, cover your plant's blossoms (with a paper bag and twist tie, or greenhouse, etc.), hand pollinate with a new brush; rub one of your other pure plants' blossoms.  Rebag or protect these blossoms from other pollination until the petals fall.  Then, uncover; continue growing organically.   If you don't have time or the inclination to raise your own seed or food, please support those who do.


Buy NO RAT Certified Levels I, II, III (National Organization of Regionally Appropriate Technology - NO RAT, PO Box 64, Whiting, ME 04691) Not GMO* TM.  A certifier of small craft farmer's natural products by natural methods as God created them; raising Not GMO* TM without known chemicals and Not GMO* TM to the best of our ability and knowledge, as certified by represented small craft farmers.

NO RAT Certified Level I - Asked seller of Not GMO* TM seed to current purchaser of said seed (in this transaction) if seller ordered or knowingly purchased GMO* (or its synonyms).  Seller of said Not GMO* TM seed of this transaction said he did not order or knowingly purchase GMO* (or its synonyms).

NO RAT Certified Level II -  Seller/Distributor (of Not GMO*TM product: seed, plant, food, etc.) to current purchaser of said Not GMO* TM in this transaction states seller/distributor of said Not GMO* TM  asked provider of said Not GMO* TM if each provider of said Not GMO* TM had been asked at every step prior to their step in the production and distribution of said Not GMO* TM to the current seller/distributor of said Not GMO* TM  (sold or distributed in this transaction) if it was GMO* (or its synonyms), and was told it was not (ie., from Purchaser of original Not GMO* TM to planter/farmer/grower/harvester/bagger/transporter/ to seller/distributor of said Not GMO* TM to its end user (The purchaser/customer of this transaction) and provides same by written documentation.

   1. Purchaser of original Not GMO* that planted/produced said Not GMO* of this transaction stated and certified in writing he did not buy GMO* (or its synonyms) or know of any switching or mixing or contamination of original Not GMO* and provided same to the next level producer in the production of said Not GMO*.

   2. Planter/farmer/grower/harvester/bagger of said seed stated and certified in writing he knew of no contamination or switching or mixing of said seed and provided same to the next level provider of said seed.

   3. Transporter of said Not GMO* stated and certified in writing he knew of no switching or mixing or contamination of said Not GMO* with any other seed and provided same Not GMO* to the next level provider of said Not GMO*.

   4. Seller of said Not GMO* states and certifies in writing he knows of no switching or mixing or contamination of said Not GMO* and sells same as certified and represented by all previous level providers of same Not GMO*.

NO RAT Certified Level III - All Not GMO* are tested and proven Not GMO*; isolated from contamination; bred and protected from known contamination or mixing or switching at any step from producer to customer.  Proof is in written form from an independent plant tissue lab and available upon sufficient necessity to warrant with payment of a reasonable fee for compensation of time and effort for verification.












On a National Level :

Let your elected representatives know your thoughts and hold them accountable (i.e., save their responses or note their lack of response.).  Insist our legislators make anything to do with GMO* (or its synonyms) illegal now.  Anything means: to "create", raise, produce, buy, sell, transportort, possess GMO* (or its synonyms - GE, transgenic, etc. of seed, plants, food, animals, products, etc.); enforce the laws on "organic" agriculture.  Make it mandatory that these products be tested Not GMO* .  Vote for those who will get rid of these monsters.  Do not buy GMO* (or its synonyms).  Tell the manager of the store where you buy your seed, plants, food, etc., you do not want GMO* (or its synonyms).

GMO* (or its synonyms-GMO genetically modified organisms, GE genetically engineered, transgenic (genes from animals to plants, etc..  They come up with new names daily so they can say they are not what they are.)

Not GMO* TM ( Regional: food, products (i.e., plants, food, or food-by-products, seed, animals, etc..), raised or sold or made by small family craft farmers; without known chemicals; by sustainable methods and without GMO*).









We At Underground Food & Seed, LLC TM raise our plants sequestered underground.  They are free from outside pollinators and air sources are filtered.  We sell at NO RAT Certified levels: I, II, III.

** We have decided for this year to limit our offerings only to NO RAT Level I; build our stock.  Those wishing to be put on our waiting list for Levels II and III let us know.  It is a first come first served basis only.

We have been certified and stated in writing there has been no known contamination or mixing or switching of said Not GMO* TM seed or plants or products from us (**** The sole producers) to you (our customers).  ****It is understood that from time to time we have to buy seed and regional products to meet our customers requests. We only market and sell regional products certified to us and sold at NO RAT Levels of purity.  Please understand again folks.  We are small family craft farmers .  We are appalled at the notion some would put genes from other species in our food supply; patent it; own it; allow contamination of the food supply given to all of us by God; for the sole reason to make money and to own food.  In their greed, they force us(those least able to afford it) to test our food, food products and seed, etc.for purity; prove our products have been contaminated by their monsters; take our time and resources to fight their perpetuated madness.  They want to force everyone to go along with their plan.  Hoping because we can't see genes with our naked eyes, no one will make the effort to check or force them to stop.  All the while they know, time and pollinators move on further contaminating all pure plants.  While Americans try to decide if they should or not.  Someone has to try; so we are.  But, if we get contaminated, under no circumstances will we be responsible for any costs, but replacement of the original seed purchased from us within 14 days of purchase with proof of purchase and or money back at our discretion and proven to our satisfaction that it wasn't contaminated by buyers actions.  This is the only basis on which we sell and you buy.

But, if we don't try to stop this, all food (nature - plants, animals, bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc.) will be contaminated by their monsters forever.  If we get contaminated, we tried and your food is no different that what you buy at the market "organic" now (not counting our lost time, concern, tears, labor, efforts, money, and maybe livelihood.).  But, we must try.

Satan's sin was he wanted to be God.  Man's sin is the same.  Now in the name of "management" or economics we think we have the right to finish the mess we made when we were duped in the garden.  There is only One Who can fix our sin.  When He found Himself in human form He humbled Himself even to death on a cross.  This is a democracy.  Did you vote on GMO* (or its synonyms)?  Don't you at least have the right to make them stop what they are doing and show just cause why they should be allowed to risk all life on earth in the pursuit of their greed?  Put teeth in the "Organic" law and make it mandatory that it be tested and certified not contaminated on its way to the public.  Only then can it be labeled Organic.  What is the beginning of wisdom?  Why do we have death, suffering, cancer, envy, strife, greed, murder?  Do we have wisdom?



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